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Why Is What I Do My Passion & Purpose?

As an Experienced Audio Visual Producer, I came into understanding, that the utmost important vibration, is the collective resonance of teamwork. I love & admire every form of expression, and the whole process of channeling the client’s already unique Idea, into a Stellar Key Message Manifestation, Developed  & Engineered for success, is the best I can feel and vibrate at. Literally. 

By Implementing a Pre Production Creative Process, in which we put ourselves in the Clients shoes, and Their Clients diverse Audiences, shoes, as a form of putting ourselves literally in their perspective. If we work as a whole and think as a whole, we will find out the best criticism, is constructive criticisms. It creates a healthy competitive environment. Combine that with a dash if creativity and order, and you’ve got yourself a carefully orchestrated and effective key message with the utmost  intention, while Preserving its initial essential key purpose, from the get go, is what separates RednovasMedia.Com from the Competition is knowing each clients key message, and knowing how to audio visually engineer its end purpose into success and ROI; all while facilitating healing frequencies to soak it with utmost intention. I’ve had the opportunity to indulge in these arts and now I am fusion them all for utmost sensory representations for art expos and audio visual cinematic clients along with advertising agencies around the world. everyone Needs to Experience and is experiencing day top day.|

Give all your clients sensors a little reset and this is the easiest add on to your event to gift memories which will never be forgotten, due to all sensors being occupied with divine vibed & orchestrated frequencies. Making it a full Spectrum Kodak Moment per say, flooding every single of your senses thus tattooing onto your soul for eternity. 


I’ve had the Honor to also Indulge in  audio Engineering as a supplement to my Video Producer Career Experienced Composer, Audio Visual editor, Director, Producer, Event Organizer, Post Producer & Audio Visual Engineer, specializing in interactive Audio Visual Content for all interactive or not Expos.

Examples of full spectrum events are the utilization of sensory elements like: aromas and whatever can tickle or arouse every of our unique limited senses. Resulting in a stellar  guiding you through . scripted tale, to achieve and gift the audience, a full spectrum sensory experience, while including the whole time a divinely orchestrated, prosperous teaching, to share with the world. This exchange of collective teachings of the importance of: giving, sharing and exchanging in equal balanced manner. to share with others.

Fusing all these manifestations with robotic sensors & cinematic visuals,  cinematic Imax quality audio we reach and touch the audience, deeper than ever. Utilizing A.I and Human Stellar Creativity, to create a: new and innovating marketing method. 

I also Compose Sound Tracks Custom tailored, reproducing the almost extinct art of the golden age of cinema of themed and directed while musical themes tracks are composing at the same time, guiding and directing per say the story of the scrip itself into audio manifestations, tones, semi tones and frequencies with the initial purpose to adorn and add significance to important movie scenes, key moments for advertisements, live expos & more. 

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